Mashrou' Leila

10 Inspiring Music Artist and Band Websites in 2016

It isn’t easy finding interesting and well-designed band websites on the internet. Musicians seem to neglect their websites, which I find a bit upsetting because they could get so experimental and have no rules or brand guidelines to stick to.

I found that overly commercial musicians (with some exceptions) already have an enormous fanbase and they see no need to spend too much effort on a website because it does not serve much of a purpose for them. I also found that there’s quite a fair bit of musicians, commercial and underground, with no website at all. A lot of underground musicians seem to rely on sources like SoundCloud or Bandcamp to promote their music, which in my opinion, can be a mistake because they could express so much about who they are and what they do through a nicely customised website.

I did, however, manage to collect some sites that were quite impressive and very indicative of the feel the band is going for. Here’s the list (not in any particular order):


Depeche Mode –

Depeche Mode







Chvrches –




Mashrou’ Leila –




Calvin Harris –

Calvin Harris



Goldfrapp –




The Chemical Brothers –




Coldplay –




Foster the People –

Foster the People



Sam Feldt –

Sam Feldt




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