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Design Agencies with Cool Websites in 2016

Design Agencies with Cool Websites in 2016

As a web designer I tend to get overly attracted to striking website designs and solid builds, and I think that in this digital day and age, the first point of contact between an agency and its clients is their website. I feel like an agency that dedicates enough time to portray its identity and work on the web nicely is an agency proving its professionalism and stance in the design world.

I’ll be expanding this list as I go, but so far here’s my list.

  1. Modern, clean, typography-focused. Two colours is all you need. Made Together
  2. The perfect full-width scroll. The pastel tone. The photography. Bedow
  3. I’ve always been a fan of B-Reel. There’s a huge focus on the work, but the work itself is so interesting it makes the website look very attractive. B-Reel
  4. Melbourne-based agency August has a website with a very solid build and cool little bits and details happening on the website that make the website interactive and user-friendly. The only issue is that it doesn’t seem to be too mobile friendly. August
  5. FBI Recruitment isn’t exactly a design agency but I have a slight obsession with their website and I need to feature it. The combination of logo, colours, layout, navigation and photography – it all just blends too well. The website doesn’t look responsive if you scale the browser, but there is a mobile version of it that you can view on your device. FBI Recruitment
  6. Swiss agency Blackpen doesn’t seem to be your typical design agency with the peculiar patterns and animations happening throughout their website. Blackpen
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